It’s time…

With the current shifts within ourselves and the universe itself, more and more people are searching for answers. Answers about who they really are. Answers about how we can evolve past our epidemics of anxiety, depression, addiction and unhealthy living. How to move beyond our repeating patterns, alleviate the stresses of our lives, grow and heal from past traumas, integrate self-care and reconnect with natural world and her innate rhythms and wisdom. 

Shamanic Guidance offers a space. A space in which to allow your own self-healing. This space is held by means of meditation classes, workshops, one on one tailored healing and discovery sessions, ritual and ceremony facilitation and spiritual awakening counselling and direction. 

You have the power within yourself to heal anything. When given the right tools, environment and support you can begin your journey back to yourself, you joy, your peace and your innate wisdom. Beginning with your own body, mind and spirit your example will then radiate out into the entirety of all that is. We heal the world by first healing ourselves. 

It's time xx

Sally Horrobin - Owner, Shamanic Guidance


Sally Horrobin:

Nationally recognised by wellness companies Perfect Potion, Lorna Jane, Natures Energy and recently highly recommended by Georgina Safe of the Australian Financial Review, founder of Shamanic Guidance, Sally Horrobin has wide and varied experience in alternative therapies. Having spent over a decade studying meditation, plant spirit communication, aromatherapy, massage, shamanic space holding, energy healing, personal development, transpersonal arts therapy, esoteric and ancient tribal knowledge, she has garnered a very holistic experience in assisting her students and clients to move through life's challenges.

What resulted has been a beautiful alchemy of complimentary practices. These practices, her experiential knowledge, ancestral lineage and wisdom, apprenticeship training and intuitive guidance combined, have cultivated a unique, powerful and nurturing medicine combining meditation, deep shamanic space holding, aromatherapy, plant alchemy, crystal work, herbalism, spiritual counselling, ritual and Earth medicine. Sally currently holds classes and workshops throughout Australia as well as supporting one on one clients weekly and facilitates integration counselling for post workshop and ceremony support.