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Tobacco & Drum Journey Circle

In this beautiful ceremony of honouring the spirit of Tobacco and its use in assisting us to ground and gain clarity in our lives we will explore where in our life we feel ‘stuck’ or feel as though we are walking in circles repeating the same patterns over and over again. It is also a wonderful opportunity to re-introduce the sacred into our lives, to connect with our community and to begin to understand the intricacies and wonder of walking the beauty way.

These ancient tools enable us to get crystal clear on what we wish to release from our lives and that which we are inviting in. As we move closely with these allies and integration practices we are able to create lasting change in our lives which can open up doorways we never knew were there.

If you are finding you are faced with great or small challenge in your life right now or would simply like to begin the practice of inviting ceremony and the sacred into your life, please join us for this beautiful alchemical evening of love, clarity, remembrance and honouring.

So much love

Sally xx

Your facilitator: Sally Horrobin - Shamanic Guidance

Facilitator and Ceremonial Support: Sandrine Burton, Britt Burns