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Awakening Your Elemental Nature - 2 day Immersion

This program has been coming through for some time. As we find ourselves in the greatest time of evolution in the history of humanity, many have been coming to me with experiences of awakening, upheaval and sensory perceptions opening. The problem is, we have never been taught how to navigate these waves of awakening and many are feeling left up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

This two day immersion will begin to give you the tools to navigate your awakening process and create a community in which you can both feel supported and also support others.

We have long since forgotten our true elemental nature, we ARE nature, a fact that we have let go and completely misunderstood. Our elemental and extra sensory natures are awakening and this connection to our gifts, our purpose and our soul’s contract are our greatest allies in this epic time of change.

We will be walking through a discovery of YOUR elemental nature, how you connect to nature, to energy, to the world around you, how these connections can help you navigate the challenges in your life, how ritual and ceremony can bring you back into balance, release what no longer serves and create room for that you wish to create. How tools and allies such as meditation, sound, plants, crystals, the elements, prayer and connection to and understanding of your ancestral lineages can open up the magic, innate wisdom and soul stamina within.

This level one training will be the precursor to more detailed discoveries in the coming months and years.

I can not wait to share these practices with you.

So much love xx

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