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The Way of the Deer

  • Ocean Shores Australia (map)

In this five week journey meeting every Tuesday beginning June 11th we will delve deeply into a body of work that is, like that of the spirit of the Deer, gentle, strong, magical, as wise as it is innocent, as brave as it is nurturing. This course will give you tools to be able to release patterns and naratives that may be keeping you from flourishing and to help you navigate your life and it’s inevitable challenges with greater agility and grace. These practices can also increase your sensitivity to the language of your own body, energy field and of the world around you.

We have crossed the gateway into a world where we are beginning to realise that energy comes before matter and that the present moment, the point of creation, is truly all we have. We are starting to finally grasp the importance and lore of nature as we are remembering our organic timeline and soul contracts. 

We will be working with an incredibly effective combination of energy principals, ancestral connection, mystical insight, meditation, bio-energetic activation and communication, sound healing, plant work, chakra navigation and clearing, soul remembrance, inner child work and the art of letting go to be here now in our full power, compassion and stamina allowing us to navigate these challenging yet stunningly sacred times. 

There will be strictly limited spaces to ensure individual attention and this course will never again be offered at this exchange. 

If you’re feeling the challenges of navigating the world we now find ourselves in and are looking to create lasting peace and instil or add to a framework of self-care and healing, join us for a nurturing and healing experience like no other. 

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